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Digital access to SIE’s Likkutei Sichos Vayikra

Never miss a week again

Following the release of the revolutionary Likkutei Sichos in English - Bereishis and Shmos, requests have flowed in from all over the world for the follow-up, Sefer Vayikra. While the Sefer is still being prepared for print, the team at SIE has come up with an innovative new way to ensure access to the Sichos, as they’re ready.

By partnering with Sichos in English to help get Sefer Vayikra to print, you can gain digital access to one Sicha per Parsha, distributed on a weekly basis. There are three ways to partner:

1) A contribution of $32 will get you immediate digital access, and a complimentary copy of the Sefer once it goes to print.

2) If you are interested in digital access only, a contribution of $18 will get you an online access code.

3) And finally, the team at Sichos in English is encouraging educators who have been using these Sichos in classes to reach out to them for special pricing.

Partners will also have exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Sichos as they’re being prepared - with the ability to give feedback on new features as they’re added.

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